Figs & Pomegranates & Special Cheeses: A Love Story

Published Date: November 14, 2014

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Grow with Dara as she moves from a nomadic life to the heights of power and wealth with her husband Job. Share in the intimacy of her friendship with Adah, the excitement of her childhood betrothal, and the joy of her wedding to biblical Job. Live with her the beauty and threats of her desert environment. Suffer with her the anxiety of the choice forced on her by her husband’s faith. Experience the terror of the trials of Job and the aftermath. Bask in the endless loves in her life. This book is the re-edited, re-titled, re-packaged successor to “Mrs. Job.” Reviews of “Mrs. Job,” then, will provide more information about “Figs & Pomegranates & Special Cheeses.”


About the Author

Before I even start this description, I want you to know the credentials listed may have something to do, along with my age, with whatever I have become in the way of a wise woman who writes. But they are only incidentally related to the content of my works of fiction. The writer’s urge goes back to my initial choice of an English Major in college. There, in a Shakespeare course, I received an A- for a paper on King Lear with the recommendation I should become a Psychology Major. I took the hint, and I’ve never been sorry, but now is my chance to go back to my early interest.


So, for the fancy details. I am a Professor Emerita at Southern Connecticut State University where one of my special areas was the Psychology of Women, and of the Adler Graduate School with its emphasis on social psychology.The academic phase of my career was supported by a Ph.D in Personality and Social Psychology. That formal training was enhanced by the real-life experience of being the mother to my son and my daughter and the wife for 20 years to their father. And now two grandchildren, one of each. Overlapping the latter years of my teaching career was the development of a private therapy practice, first in Connecticut and then in Chaska, Minnesota where I am currently a Licensed Psychologist.


Nationally I am a registered Health Service Provider in Psychology. “Let Yourself Grow” is the theme of my work, along with “Forgiveness Options.” The latter has led to the publication of “When to Forgive” and “Forgiving One Page at a Time.” I hope they are, as I intended, helps for people making decisions about whether and how to forgive. Always present has been a lay person’s interest in women of the Bible. All these, plus my age-based arrival at the wise-woman stage, have come together in my current fictional offering, “Figs & Pomegranates & Special Cheeses.” This is a love story which does not require religiosity to be enjoyed. It is not a self-help book, nor is it an academic tome. It is a whole new direction for me — the pleasure of writing fiction to appeal to everyone. At least one hopes so. It is an adventure in love, using the Biblical story of Job as its base. Eventually you’ll be able to find me and special offers on my web site currently being developed:


“I just finished reading Figs & Pomegranates & Special Cheeses, and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I particularly liked how you skillfully told the riveting story of how Dara evolved and grew over the years. The story is wonderfully grounded by Dara’s love for Job, and her bold words and actions. I enjoyed seeing how you handled the tensions that emerged as Dara sought to understand her role and her husband’s God.” — Fellow Blogger


“Figs & Pomegranates and Special Cheeses” is a delightful easy read. While I am not usually drawn to biblical books I found this book to be insightful and historically accurate. The character development is excellent. It’s a timeless love story based on commitment and traditions.” — Jo

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  1. Mona Gustafson Affinito February 19, 2016 at 9:28 pm .

    I’m the author, not a customer, but I don’t have any other place to submit this review. I have permission to use it on my blog or web site. It was done by an editor when I entered a Writer’s Digest competition. I didn’t win the competition, but I did get the following,

    Review of “Figs & Pomegranates & Special Cheeses.”
    “Judge, 3rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards.”

    The synopsis is intriguing, although this “command” form – live, suffer, experience – sounds too much like a commercial. I also prefer the title “Mr. (sic) Job.”

    Your use of language has an immediate flow and flavor reminiscent of the more poetic passages of the King James Bible.

    Your powers of imagination are deep – envisioning, for instance, how that first day of married life must have been for her (33%).* The universal fear, for instance, that she will never be the kind of mother that she sees all around her. To tell the truth, I wanted to” 45% Funny! An intriguing argument, also. Good use of conflict.

    Your descriptive powers are potent. Describing her pregnancy as a “heaving, jolting rock inside of me.” 56% * You also have the ability to portray inner monologues that remain interesting, which is quite a skill.

    It’s odd, though, that it takes so long to get to the point of the story. The anthropological/cultural work is impressive, but you seem almost afraid to get to one of the best plot turns in history.

    And that is heartbreaking when it arrives. “Surely now we can accept the bad fortune, too!” Very tough to live up to the world’s most patient man!

    *Percentages refer to progress on e-reader.

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