Mrs. Job

Published Date: November 14, 2014

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Beautiful, feisty Dara, rising from nomad to princess, experiences joy, spiritual and marital conflict, and unspeakable trials, without surrendering her love for Job and for her best friend Adah.
“I loved Mrs. Job’s timeless story full of depth, spirituality and passion. Dara is my friend. I know her and all the beautifully drawn characters. I felt Dara’s struggles, sadness, and joy. I relived the desert as I have experienced it in the Holy Land. The life of the ancient Edomites, so well-researched, is impressive in the Biblical insight, more accurate than other books of this genre. The spiritual journey of the characters is every woman’s journey. This gripping story of a woman’s love for her husband as they share great blessings and terrible trials of marriage, friends, religion and family captures the essence of relationships throughout all time.”

-Sandy Rothschiller, ELCA Pastor and theologian.


“Many thanks for the privilege of reading this! I found it truly enjoyable, well-written, and think it strikes a great balance between being a love story (on many levels love for Job, love for God), a statement of feminism, and a statement of faith.”

-Elizabeth Drotning Hartwell, Former Editor at Augsburg Fortress Publishers


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