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How valuable is a good, creative editor? See the before and after versions of the story I’ve submitted to the local anthology: Alone in the North Carolina Woods – 1840 (click on the image to see a larger version you can zoom in on to read!).

Before editing by K.J. Neun


After editing by K.J. Neun


How does a psychologist become the writer of fiction?

Perhaps the question should be turned around.

How about when I was 13 and told my family I wanted to be a Lutheran minister. That was a no-no, given that I had the wrong body type. So I changed my goals.

As a registered English Major in college, I took a Shakespeare course with a famous, bright, demanding  professor who assigned us a paper on King Lear. I got it back with an A- and the suggestion I might like to become a psychology major, so I did.

Or maybe it goes back to my Freshman year in High School when we were to write about something interesting we had experienced. Since I couldn’t think of anything worth a story, I wrote about something that had happened to my sister as if it were mine. I got it back with an A and the comment “Good capture of an experience.” Fiction?

Or maybe it really did grow out of my career as a psychologist. After all, I spent years learning and teaching about human behavior… even helping some people through therapy. Maybe it grew out of the interaction between my specializing in the Psychology of Women and later Forgiveness.

However, it all came together in the writing of “Mrs. Job” which ran into a bit of trouble because almost everyone pronounced “Job” as if it referred to paid employment.

And then there was the publisher who intended to publish “Mrs. Job” under a new title and with a new cover. In the process, he provided an editor and a copy editor and had me break my contract with iUniverse. To shorten the story, he ran out of money and “Mrs. Job” was homeless for almost two years until I recently published her with a new cover under the title “Figs & Pomegranates & Special Cheeses.”

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