runs through this web site, from helpful tools, to therapy, to fiction
Purpose: to carry on a conversation with you about the process of forgiveness, how it plays out in therapy, and how it influences the content of my fiction.

At times on the inside pages you’ll find issues for discussion, including the option to present your own, like

  • Forgive and Forget: the fallacy
    • Please go to the Forgiveness page to see and respond to my take on this
  • The purpose and practice of punishment: three factors
  • Confusing vengeance with punishment: the dangers
  • Quick and Easy Forgiveness: the hazards
  • Guilt: appropriate and inappropriate
  • Shame: the growth and creativity inhibitor
  • Reconciliation and forgiveness: not necessarily linked
  • Forgiveness and Religion: destructive or helpful
  • The biblical book of Job: the positions of forgiveness
  • Forgiveness: it’s place in the process of psychotherapy
  • Impediments to Forgiveness: myths and realities

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