My Father’s House Comments

My Father’s House Comments


Comments from local readers:

    • I thought it was some of your best descriptive prose.  I could so easily feel, visualize and feel drawn into the scenes and I could picture my own Norwegian grandparents, aunts and uncles in that same place.
    • I couldn’t stop thinking about the characters after I’d finished reading the book.
    • It felt so familiar to me, and I’m not even Scandinavian.
    • The way Mona writes, it’s as if I’m right there.
    • I felt like I was in my own home

Dear Mona,

I have just finished reading “My Father’s House” and wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it!  Many old memories came to mind especially regarding my grandfather and grandmother.  I too remember Grandpa in his coffin in the formal living room.  Dad picked me up to say goodbye and I patted his hand.  I was 3 and I still can see in my mind all the flowers, gladioli and the chairs lined up.  Also, remembering all your Aunts and their husbands, the Ladies Aid at Bethesda, Sarah E. Reynolds and so much more!  You have done an outstanding tribute to your family, and I am glad I was able to help in a small way.  Loved your photos too.  Uncle Carl and Aunt Jennie were a special couple.

Love, Phyllis

My Father’s House Is beyond Brilliant, Fantastic. Being that I was born and raised in Bristol and I still live here. Seeing pictures of Forestville Center before I was born is neat; also I travel the very same roads which Mona’s family did. It makes me feel honored to know the history as to what took place back then. I recommend My Father’s House and the highest rating in a book review.

Tina M. Olson
Bristol, CT.